Children’s Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Dr. Mark H. Wright is a general dentist who happily treats children at his Colorado Springs dental office. As a family-friendly practice, our doctor and team understand what it takes to ensure that kids are not intimidated by dental care and that they have everything they need to benefit from healthy smiles well into adolescence and adulthood.

Dental Care for Kids!

Children in need of routine dental care are welcomed with the rest of their families to Dr. Wright’s office. We keep your children free of dental caries and smiling confidently by providing the following, based on their needs:

• Twice Yearly Dental Cleanings
• Fluoride Varnishes
• Sealants
• Composite Dental Fillings
• Oral Health Education

While many patients think only of brushing and flossing as good oral hygiene routines, visiting the dentist every six months is an important part of prevention as well. During your child’s visit to our office, Dr. Wright walks them through everything that happens during their visit, from counting and polishing their teeth to checking for the appearance of dental caries. Dr. Wright can also point out any areas of their smiles they may be missing during daily brushing and provide them with tips to keep teeth as clean as possible.

When necessary, we can provide pediatric fluoride treatment to protect teeth from acids that create cavities, as well as sealants, which coat back teeth and prevent collection of debris that can also cause tooth decay. Your child’s dental health and wellness are our priority.

Parents Love our Colorado Springs Children’s Dentist

We encourage you to bring your children with you on your next dental visit, so they see what happens and become more comfortable when it’s their turn. At their pediatric dental appointment, kids can be shown around our office so they feel welcomed and can see all of the mirrors and other important tools Dr. Wright may use to examine their smiles. Our entire office makes sure to keep these routine appointments as stress-free as possible and can avoid cleaning teeth right away if patients are feeling anxious.

Our children’s dental services can also include information for parents and children that ensure better oral health for all, including recommendations of snacks that are good for teeth and what parents can do at home to instill the importance of good oral hygiene on a daily basis.

Schedule your Child’s Teeth Cleaning Today – Contact Dr. Wright!

We look forward to treating you and your child to gentle, patient-focused dental care. If you have questions about dental services for children, contact our Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Mark H. Wright, at his East Colorado Springs practice today!

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