Learn about how Botox® Can Treat TMD and Improve Smile Aesthetics

Most people associate Botox with cosmetic procedures for smoothing lines and wrinkles, allowing skin to look younger. But Botox has beneficial applications in the field of cosmetic dentistry and in the treatment of jaw joint disorders (TMD) as well. At the dental office of Mark Wright, DDS we offer Botox in Colorado Springs to help patients enjoy more comfortable dental health and beautiful smiles.

Relief of Dental Facial Pain with Botox

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a common problem with wide-reaching health effects. Patients with TMJ problems often grind and clench their teeth. The persistent muscle clenching that causes these dental problems can create radiating discomfort through the jaw, neck, and lower face.  For patients with chronic muscle pain, facial pain, and even headaches caused by jaw joint problems, Botox provides a treatment that does not involve the use of bulky oral appliances. Even patients who are currently using a splint or dental mouth guard to prevent TMJ problems can benefit from Botox therapy for facial pain.

Botox works by freezing muscles at the treatment site. When applied to areas like the forehead or corners of the eyes, it can smooth wrinkled skin. But when used for TMJ dysfunction, Botox freezes the muscles around the jaw joint that frequently contract to cause bruxism and jaw pain. Botox for TMJ at our Colorado Springs dental office can significantly reduce TMD symptoms or treat them completely. This relief of chronic facial and jaw pain proves to be a life-changer for patients, allowing them to more comfortably do everyday things, such as bite and chew.

Botox for Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to Botox for muscle therapy, Dr. Wright can also provide this facial filler for its more well-known benefits of creating wrinkle-free skin in problems areas on the face, such as corners of the mouth, between brows, or targeted spots on the forehead.

Dr. Wright is a member of the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics and has completed comprehensive training to provide this aesthetic, smile-boosting service to cosmetic dental patients. In addition to his ability to create beautiful smiles, Dr. Wright can also help patients experience and overall boost in their appearance that compliments their transformed teeth with Botox. Botox is effective at helping to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, or worry lines around the forehead that can make you appear aged. With a bright white new smile, and smooth, wrinkle-free skin, patients at our Colorado Springs cosmetic dental office can enjoy a completely rejuvenated appearance.

Learn about Botox for TMD and Cosmetic Enhancement -- Contact Dr. Wright

With Dr. Wright’s advanced continuing education in the field of dentistry, we can help patients find effective and convenient solutions for persistent jaw pain and can also provide treatment that helps them to achieve their dream smiles. For more information about Botox for facial pain and cosmetic dentistry,contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


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